On June 17, 2020 at a virtual School Committee meeting, Beverly Education Foundation President Doug Walker recognized the Beverly Public School Teachers for their flexibility, their devotion, and their commitment to the students of Beverly. “As a teacher myself, I know what it took to captivate, engage, and help students to focus on learning over the last 3 ½ months. As I looked through my window between classes, I could see the children in the house next door engaged in their learning. Clearly, they were really busy. I have great admiration and thanks for all of you delivering quality education. No doubt, we have all learned something not to mention having to review math facts, history, and science.”

Beverly Education Foundation Vice-President Anna Green delivers Dr Suzanne’s Charochuk’s Honor A Teacher’s certificate to her for her leadership during the pandemic from former Superintendent Steven Hiersche.

And in the first of its kind donation, the elected officials in the City of Beverly generously supported the Honor A Teacher appeal by honoring all Beverly Public School employees in the District for their work and commitment in this global crisis while making a lasting and important contribution to the lives of Beverly Public School Children.

It is never too late to Honor A Teacher.