The Beverly Education Foundation’s Honor A Teacher Campaign for 2020 will be dedicated to our teachers, staff and administrators who are working tirelessly to provide quality online and remote learning to our students during this global health crisis. Your gift will provide critical support and bolster the work of the Beverly Education Foundation’s mission of enhancing and enriching public education during this difficult time. “Please support this exceptional educational community. Donate today to recognize an educator!”

All exemplary educators may be honored including teachers, paraprofessionals, librarians, art, music, media, physical fitness and science specialists, coaches, guidance counselors, support staff, custodians, etc throughout our district who have made a positive difference in the life of a Beverly student. Monies raised go directly to fund Teacher/Parent grants, awarded each Spring, which carry out our mission: “… Beverly Education Foundation shall enhance and support improvements in the educational experience for Beverly Public School students as well as providing further professional development for its faculty. This financial support will facilitate greater learning opportunities for our children.”


Choose from three ways to ‘Honor a Teacher’ this school year:

  1. $30 ‘Honor a Teacher’ Certificate and Letter: A donation of $30 or more made in the name of a special educator, a certificate will be sent to the individual indicating both the donation in their name as well as how important they have been in the student’s or your life. Please attach comments to your Award Form about why you chose to honor this teacher. A copy will also be sent to the Beverly Public Schools to communicate how important that educator is to Beverly Public Schools.
  2. $10 ‘Honor a Teacher’ Note Card:   A donation of $10 or more made in the name of the teacher honored, a card will be sent to the teacher indicating your thanks for all the time, effort and caring they have given your child throughout the year.
  3. $20 ‘In Memoriam’ Note: A thoughtful way to let the families of a deceased teacher, staff member or student know that their loved ones have made a difference in Beverly Public School education (donation of $20 or more).

Remember that no matter which level of support you choose – every dollar counts. All Honor a Teacher donations are earmarked to support the annual teacher/parent grants. Donations can be made throughout the school year.  *All donations are tax deductible matching gifts are welcomed and appreciated.   Click here to make a secure online donation. Please use the “Comments” section to designate the Educators noting their school that you wish to honor.


Download the ‘Honor a Teacher’ Award Form  and mail with a check made payable to the Beverly Education Foundation, Inc. to PO Box 407, Beverly MA 01915