Teacher/Parent Grant Recipients for 2020-2021

The Beverly Education Foundation presented its annual Teacher/Parent Grant Awards totaling $8,950.00 at the virtual June 17, 2020 School Committee meeting. This year’s recipients benefit all grades and levels of learning and projects vary from a multi-visit program for Beverly High School AP Art students, STEM, computer aided design programs, and 3D printers. The Foundation also awarded funds to increase awareness of nutrition and eating healthy, and has partnered with Beverly Middle School’s librarian and nurse to provide a unique Menstrual Equity program for middle school girls.

With an eye to the reintegration of our students back into school as a result of the pandemic, the Foundation has for the next school year supported projects focused on communication, rules, and play structures for students, funded inclusive environmental reading programs, and Math nights for families. We have also focused on the wellness of the person by funding professional development for social emotional learning for teachers and students and an art therapy project.

The grants are:


Beverly High School

  • BHS AP Art & Peabody Essex Museum Multi-Visit Program

  • Students Build a Programmable 8-Bit Computer From Scratch

Beverly Middle School

  • Menstrual Equity

  • 3D Printers for Grades 5-8

  • BMS Gaga Pit

  • BMS Art Therapy

Beverly Preschool:

  • McKeown Preschool Playground Improvement

Ayers-Ryalside Elementary School:

  • Ayers-Ryalside Social Emotional Foundations

Cove Elementary School:

  • Wishtree Inclusive Environmental Grant

Hannah Elementary School:

  • Hooray for Health III

North Beverly Elementary School:

  • Math Medley, Family Math Night

The Beverly Education Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in 1997. Throughout its 23 years of existence, the Foundation’s Teacher/Parent Grant Awards have driven teacher innovation, piloted new educational programs, inspired students, and have supported equal access and educational opportunities for all. Make a donation so we may continue providing Grants to help support new learning opportunities and programs for all students. When you support the Beverly Education Foundation, you enrich the intellectual, social, and emotional development of our children. And, you contribute to the excellence of Beverly Public Schools. There’s no better investment in our future.