Annual Grants Program

 grantsbuilditGrant Guidelines

  1. To award grants once a year in the spring, for initiatives contemplated for the upcoming academic calendar year  which are aligned with, enhance and enrich curriculum;
  2. To encourage and support collaborative efforts among teachers, administrators, parents, and community organizations;
  3. To maintain a focus on innovation while linking the grants to system-wide goals;
  4. To support major grants that impact a significant number of students;
  5. To support grants that demonstrate the potential to impact students, educators, and the community beyond its initial scope for lasting benefit;
  6. To support grants which include a feasible plan for establishing a secondary pool of beneficiaries and re-use of materials and equipment purchased within the grant and
  7. To provide feedback to grant applicants through BEVERLY EDUCATION FOUNDATION’s grants review process.

The Beverly Education Foundation has set no limit on the number of grants that may be funded this grant cycle and schools may submit multiple grants.  All funding of Teacher Grant Proposals is subject to availability of funds and comparison with other grants.  Suggested grant funds request should be between $500 to $1,000. The Beverly Education Foundation reserves the right to partially fund proposals in some cases should it deem it to be appropriate

Grants workshops will be offered to support grant applicants with writing the proposals, developing project budgets and any related questions.

* Please note that all grant proposals must have the prior approval of your school Principal.  Any grant proposals requesting technology must also have prior approval by Judy Miller, Beverly Schools Technology Director.

To view two sample applications, click here and here.

Please click on the button below to fill out your Grant and upload it as a single PDF with your school name and project title in the name by 5 pm March 14, 2025.  Have all your materials including Project Overview, Description, Goals, Objectives, Time Line, and Budget together with School’s and Teacher’s name identified, ready to be uploaded before you begin the Grant Application. Download Application Form.

Proposal Considerations

Proposals that include the following are strongly encouraged:

  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • have a significant # of students served and broad impact upon the school system
  • include a plan for establishing a secondary pool of beneficiaries through replication of a successful program
  • re-use of materials and equipment purchased within the grant
  • support the goals and on-going priorities of the Beverly Public School system

Equal consideration is given to proposals which are designed for an individual classroom or program.  All proposals should promote rigor, provide challenge for all students, and enrich students’ growth.  The replicability of a proposal, whether collaborative or individual, is also considered.  After initial screening, The BEVERLY EDUCATION FOUNDATION Grants Committee may contact applicants for further information before recommending and making a final decision on the grant proposal.  The BEVERLY EDUCATION FOUNDATION Grants Committee then makes its recommendations on proposals to the Board, which has final approval.

Topic Ideas

The following suggested topics are not meant to preclude other topics, but are encouraged by the Beverly Public Schools.  Proposals are encouraged which address a wide variety of curriculum-based topics.  BEF will support the wonderfully creative ideas of our teachers and parents which enhance teaching and learning in a 21st century global environment.

  1. Civics and history (proposals which generate greater awareness of federal, state, and local government and history providing insight into American life, national identity, racism, injustice, inequality for people of color, and cultural expression, and international law).
  2. Literacy, oral and written presentation of research, findings and conclusions at the K-5 level and middle school level (proposals which support reading, writing, and literacy);
  3. Professional development for teachers to improve social and emotional knowledge and awareness of students, to discuss race and inclusion in our schools, to support students and school community members of color, to enhance skills, and boost enthusiasm of teaching (proposals which develop new strategies of teaching targeting anxious and reluctant learners and which promote educational leadership,  growth, and renewal for teachers and students);
  4. Digital literacy and use of technology to enhance and enrich learning in all grades; Director of Technology must approve the proposal before being submitted;
  5. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, particularly in its application to everyday life and climate change; and
  6. Fluency in required Mass Curriculum Frameworks, Common Core, and effective study skills at all levels and grades for all students to close the achievement gap.

Grant Submission Deadlines & Notification

  • The 2024 grants cycle is closed; grant awards will be announced June 12 @ 7 pm at the School Committee Mtg. at Beverly Middle School.
  • January 2, 2025: Grant Application Cycle Opens
  • 2025 Grants Workshops – to be announced
  • March 14, 2025:  Application Deadline @ 5 pm.  Click on “Online Grant Application” button above to apply.
  • June 2025: Grant Awards Announced at the Beverly School Committee meeting at Beverly Middle School.
  • Grants are awarded for programs and initiatives for the 2025-2026 academic year.

2025-2026 Grant Guidelines

For more information about our Grants, please contact us at: