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The Beverly Education Foundation supports the “One to One” Learning Initiative at Beverly High School where every student has a laptop.

Beverly High School has provided key 21st century learning tools for students to bridge the digital divide.  All students have their own laptop which enables them to…

  • Learn at their own pace with tools that complement their learning style and educational interests.
  • Communicate with millions of other students for a global educational opportunity.
  • Review materials covered in class via on-line portals maintained by their teachers.
  • Connect in-school education with “real world environment”.
  • Access thousands of quality on-line resources that enhance learning, including tools to visualize math, virtual science labs, language learning resources, and primary documents from our National Archives.

Please mail donations to the:

Beverly Education Foundation, Inc., PO Box 407, Beverly, MA  01915

or click on the link below.

The Beverly Education Foundation is committed to supporting 21st century learning skills at Beverly High School. Digital technology is this generation’s paper and pen. All school systems are challenged to find the best ways to harness digital technology and bridge the digital divide. Funds raised by the Beverly Education Foundation are used to:

  • Subsidize laptop expenses for students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.
  • Support the cost of operating the laptop tech support & intern center.
  • Provide assistance for students who needed, but missed by a marginal amount, qualifying for standard financial assistance.

The Beverly Education Foundation’s mission in support of the 1:1 Learning Initiative is to create a seamless learning experience for all Beverly High School students by decreasing or eliminating the digital divide for students who do not fall into defined categories of need.

Please support the Beverly Education Foundation’s major goals for the 1 to 1 Initiative: