Our Mission & Goals


The Beverly Education Foundation was established in 1997 to provide a public/private partnership which is essential to supporting the Beverly Public Schools. This collaboration is necessary to offset budgetary challenges facing our schools.

Recognizing this need, the Beverly Education Foundation shall enhance and support improvements in the educational experience for Beverly Public School students as well as providing further professional development for its faculty. This financial support will facilitate greater learning opportunities for our children.

Through our activities we shall model for the students of Beverly Public Schools the important and necessary role we all have in our community. We hope to encourage the idea that we make our community stronger because we are not just beneficiaries of the community, but the benefactors.

Efforts of the Beverly Education Foundation will support our students and graduates to become more empathetic, responsible in deed, and active members of society.


The goal of the Beverly Education Foundation is to create incentives for teachers, parents and administrators to work together within the school building communities to keep education vital and creative through regular infusions of fresh ideas.

The Beverly Education Foundation will sharpen the focus on quality education and heighten the impact distributions from the endowment have with each successive year.

The Beverly Education Foundation wishes to provide enhanced educational opportunities for Beverly students. Activities that include classroom teachers, parents, administrators and the community will aid in the evolution of learning in all Beverly Public Schools.

The Beverly Education Foundation shall serve as enablers in helping individual schools in Beverly establish innovative educational opportunities appropriate to the diverse populations within each school building community.

The Beverly Education Foundation shall establish and maintain a growing permanent endowment with which to fund enhancements beyond the regular Beverly Public Schools budget.