The Beverly Education Foundation was one of 150 non-profits receiving Cummings Foundation Grants at the Cummings Trade Center on June 15, 2023.  There to celebrate were Doug Walker, President, and Anna Green, Vice-President of the Foundation.  As a recipient of a prior Cummings Foundation Grant, the Beverly Education Foundation was eligible to apply for a 10 year grant for the $30 Million Grant Program and was awarded $300,000,00 over 10 years.   The evening was a Who’s Who of the Cummings Foundation Joyce Vriotes, Andrew Bishop, Dennis Clark, and of course Joyce and Bill Cummings.  Their message was unequivocal to those in attendance:  Strength lies in unity.  We are helping marginalized and underserved people find their way to better opportunities, better jobs.   As Mr Cummings stated,  We are building bridges to “take us where we otherwise could not go.  We are building bridges of a different kind; bridges of hope and love; bridges of understanding, bridges of opportunity.”  The evening was truly inspiring.  The Beverly Education Foundation is so very grateful for the Cummings Foundation support of our mission to enhance and enrich public education in Beverly.