Formal ribbon cutting ceremony took place this morning at the Hannah Elementary School’s Outdoor Learning Structure.  Principal Gabrielle Montevecchi thanked all donors, including the Beverly Education Foundation, for its initial grant to start the process and the planning.  Pictured here at the school assembly, were Mayor Michael Cahill;;  Hannah School Principal Gabrielle Montevecchi;  Lisl Hacker, Hannah School parent and Board Rep to the Foundation; Superintendent of Beverly Public Schools, Dr. Suzanne Charochak; Anna Green and Catherine Barrett, Vice-President and Clerk of the Beverly Education Foundation; and Amanda Lennon, Hannah School parent and fundraiser co-ordinator  for the Outdoor Classroom.

This outdoor learning structure will continue to facilitate the outdoor learning as part of Hannah’s daily schedule at all grade levels.  The benefits of this structure and outdoor learning are numerous.  Students are engaging with the natural world and observing the seasonal changes which directly relates to Science standards.  The children are also more focused and engaged while outside learning, improving executive functioning and physical health, along with improved child well-being, health, and resilience.

Key donors and organizers of the project at the ribbon cutting.