The Beverly Education Foundation is pleased to announce it has made a $15,000 donation to support the 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative at Beverly High School which provides every student with a laptop through a lease program. In 2010, Beverly High School was one of the first school districts in Massachusetts to implement a one to one learning initiative where all students would have access to a laptop regardless of financial resources. During the past seven academic school years, the program has been a tremendous success.

The Beverly Education Foundation is committed to supporting 21st century learning skills at Beverly High School. All school systems are challenged to find the best ways to harness digital technology and bridge the digital divide. Funds raised by the Beverly Education Foundation are used to subsidize laptop expenses for students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program, support the cost of operating the laptop technology support & intern center and to provide assistance for students who need, but miss by a marginal amount, qualifying for standard financial assistance. The Foundation’s mission in support of the 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative is to create a seamless learning experience for all Beverly High School students.

“The Beverly High School Technology Center thanks the Beverly Education Foundation for helping students and families with the BHS 1 to 1 Laptop Program. Their contributions have helped many families who would otherwise would not be able to participate due to financial hardships. The sincere gratitude expressed from the families when they receive a laptop is very heartfelt, especially the students. The students learn and appreciate that they have a very powerful tool that will assist them on their education journey at Beverly High School” commented Alice Williams, BHS Technology Center Coordinator.

The Beverly Education Foundation was founded in 1997 to advance educational excellence in all Beverly Public Schools. For more information about the non profit Beverly Education Foundation or to make a donation to support public education, please visit